Mutiny Book Club (& Meet the Mags!)

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that Meet the Mags is happening THIS FRIDAY at BookBar in Highlands. Come down, have some sangria and listen to a lot of killer local writers read their work!

Meet the Mags is this Friday, May 25 from 6-8pm
BookBar is at 4280 Tennyson St in Denver

ALSO: I’m going to be a guest on the Mutiny Book Club this Sunday afternoon, hosted by comedian and Cherry author Byron Graham. Comedian Janae Burris and I will be there to discuss The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler–a book that becomes more relevant and haunting with each passing year. Even if you haven’t read it yet, come down to Mutiny Info Cafe for the live recording, or listen to the podcast next week!

Mutiny Book Club is this Sunday, May 27 from 4-5pm
Mutiny Info Cafe is at 2 South Broadway in Denver

Click here to listen to the first episode, Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, featuring Denver Public Library’s Tara Bannon Williamson and comedian Nathan Lund.

See you there!



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